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Click to download the Active Worlds browser!

Click to download the Active Worlds browser!




Screenshot of Missus

This is what I look like in the world AlphaWorld.

Active worlds are virtual communities that combine the best of chat and graphical interfaces to allow people to meet and "build" new worlds. There are hundreds of active worlds in existence, such as AlphaWorld, Winter, Atlantis, Yellowstone Park, and many others. I have built, among other things, an island getaway, a public garden, and a swimming pool complete with high diving board!  My name in the Active World universe is "Missus" and my daughters are "Rayne" and "Scrimpy".   If you have Active Worlds Explorer installed, you can come visit us in our town, Kalaville, here!

Kalaville, AW - Click to visit in your Active Worlds browser

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Family Estate
Southern Estate
The Garden
Island Getaway
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Fantasy Island
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Last updated:  01.01.2006